About us

MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. is a consulting company that concentrates on providing information technology services that will enable you to safely and efficiently use your data. We help our customers with designing and modeling data structures or processes, implementation and fine-tuning of database systems, and we support the data management and security in transactional systems and data warehouses.

We focus on SAP / Sybase technology. Our projects include the sale and delivery of licenses, local technical support as well as related expert services such as product consultancy, training, and turnkey projects.

MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. (Data and Information MAnagement) is a subsidiary company of MIBCON a.s., an important partner of SAP Czech Republic. MIBCON a.s. is a leading consulting company focused on the optimization and implementation of complete corporate processes, which has been operating on the Czech market and abroad for 20 years. Currently, there are approximately 190 employees involved in a wide range of successful projects and implementation of SAP solutions.

We are a part of Mibcon Group More about Mibcon Group