MIBCON DIMA has become a partner of PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2023 in Prague

5. 12. 2023
From December 12 to December 15, the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2023 will be held in Prague. On the first day of the conference, you can take part in interesting trainings. In the following days, the conference program includes a number of lectures on PostgreSQL technology and its use in practice. The conference will also be attended by representatives of companies, such as EnterpriseDB, which expand the possibilities of deploying PostgreSQL in the field of mission-critical applications.
The MIBCON DIMA information leaflet can be found here.

We help Generali Česká pojišťovna with the implementation of business reports compiled using Microsoft PowerBI

25. 9. 2023
Our company, MIBCON DIMA s.r.o., cooperates with a team from Generali Česká pojišťovna on the creation of business and management reports using Microsoft PowerBI. Based on consultations with end users, mainly from the sales department, we ensure the control and, if necessary, optimization of data models. Using the data base prepared in this way, we then compile the required reports. Part of our work is also the transfer of know-how to the whole team in the form of internal trainings, seminars and consultations.
In a similar way, we implement part of the project on Microsoft Reporting Services technology. Here, in the form of views or procedures in the MS SQL database, we prepare paginated reports and underlying scripts.

Project for the introduction of a new database platform in Commerzbank A.G.

12. 9. 2022
MIBCON DIMA database consultants are significantly involved in the "PostgreSQL@Azure" project, which is successfully heading to its finals at the end of the year throughout 2022.
The aim of the project is to introduce PostgreSQL as a new standard database platform in the Commerzbank infrastructure. This product runs in the Azure environment and is already offered as an alternative to other database platforms for individual solutions implemented by Commerzbank A.G. IT infrastructure.
We managed to migrate, fine-tune and set up administration processes for two internal Commerzbank customers in Q3 2022. Other customers / solutions will follow as the project demonstrated an interesting reduction in investment and operating costs while maintaining functionality, safety and comfort of use of individual solutions.

Our database consultant obtained the certificate "EDB Certified Professional – PostgreSQL

18. 7. 2022
Our consultant, Matúš Niepel, tested his experience from projects and proved his knowledge of EDB PostgreSQL database technology during the exam necessary to obtain the „EDB Certified Professional – PostgreSQL 13“.

J&T Bank Performs Modelling of Operational Databases and Data Warehouse in SAP PowerDesigner

28. 1. 2022
MIBCON DIMA participates in the delivery and implementation of the SAP PowerDesigner CASE tool for documentation of primary banking systems and data warehouse development. This product makes it possible to meet the demanding requirements of such a large organization as J&T Bank. PowerDesigner deployment will provide a number of users with a comprehensive tool for documenting, analyzing, developing and deploying changes for a number of systems, including the data warehouse, and at the same time enabling them to automate a number of routine and/or formal requirements in the specific environment of J&T Bank.
SAP PowerDesigner is an open and widely configurable CASE tool that will enable J&T Bank to comprehensively develop a data warehouse according to its own specific modeling methodology.
In addition to the delivery of licenses, MIBCON DIMA also provides developer and analyst training, technical support and consultation on this tool.

MIBCON DIMA extends its competencies with Microsoft Power BI reporting tools

1. 12. 2021
Our company has expanded its competencies and portfolio of Business Intelligence services.
We offer a unique solution for connecting Microsoft Power BI reporting tool to SAP data structures such as BW, DWH Cloud, S/4 Hana. Other services include the design of the entire architecture of the reporting solution built on top of MS Power BI, its implementation, connection to various data sources (databases of various technologies), performance tuning, creation of modeling methodology for reporting from multiple data sources.
We provide consulting services as well as the sale of licenses and technical support.

MIBCON DIMA extends its technological expertise with Oracle

4. 6. 2021
Our company has extended its expertise with the multiplatform database system Oracle.
We offer services including performance tuning by DB server parameters, tuning by SQL code optimization, upgrade to higher versions, multiplatform migrations, trainings, customized workshops, technical support in the form of a help desk (phone, email) 8x5 or 24x7, development in PL/SQL, and others.
The training SQL Oracle is already organized for September 2021, its agenda can be found here.
The description of typical database services provided is here.

MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. has become authorized partner of EnterpiseDB

5. 5. 2021
EnterpriseDB (EDB) is an American company focused on helping customers to ger th most out of PostgreSQL. They provide customers with professional 24x7 technical support and database tools for the efficient and safe use of PostgreSQL technology. EDB has more than 4000 customers worldwide and an extensive network of partners. In addition to sales and services, it offers training and certification of PostgreSQL technology consultants.
Our company MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. has become an authorized partner of EnterpiseDB for the Czech Republic. We offer our customers therefore an optimal portfolio of services, combining technical support in 24x7 mode, local technical support, consulting services and training. We are able to provide assistance to our customers since the initial study, through deployment and testing, to the operation of large critical systems.

PPF Bank implements modeling methodology of DWH using SAP PowerDesigner

16. 3. 2021
MIBCON DIMA participates in the development and implementation of a modeling methodology that allows analysts and developers to focus on DWH issues and have formal requirements automated by PowerDesigner. PPF Bank decided to buy new PowerDesigner licenses and implement other solutions such as ETL framework and XML generation for job orchestration in ETL Pentaho.
SAP PowerDesigner is a widely configurable and extensible case tool that allows PPF Bank to develop data warehouses in a maximum efficient way according to a tailor-made modeling methodology.

ERV Evropská pojišťovna deploys new version of SAP SQL Anywhere database server

19. 11. 2020
ERV Evropská pojišťovna has purchased the latest version of SAP SQL anywhere advanced edition database and now they prepare its deployment into operation. SAP SQL Anywhere is relational database management system that can be deployed for a highly available transaction system as well as an entree database for the operation of technological devices.
The system, deployed in the ERV Evropská pojišťovna, is configured as highly available and thus ensures the continuous operation of the insurance company's systems. Licenses and technical support were supplied by MIBCON a.s. and customer support is provided by certified consultants from MIBCON DIMA s.r.o.

SAP PowerDesigner adapts to You

29. 10. 2020
SAP PowerDesigner is very powerful case tool. The possibility of its wide configurability and scalability is one of his kea features, allows the user largely to customize the tool to their way of working and to their needs. It is then not necessary to adapt your work, established procedures, processes and methods by limiting or imperfecting the purchased case tool "tailored", as it is necessary for other case tools.
An example is a webinar organized by Metadata Matters on October 26, 2020, where our consultant Ondřej Diviš presented PowerDesigner options for configuring and extending support for various database systems by modifying the database definition file.
The most common scenarios, where these specific extensions can play an important role, have been introduced. For example, algorithms for reverse engineering databases into models or templates for generating DDL scripts from models. The webinar recording was posted on YouTube here.

MIBCON DIMA is a partner of VMware

29. 7. 2020
Our company has become a VMware Enrolled Authorized Partner. We are thus expanding our portfolio of services towards virtualization of the environment for the solutions and sw products we deliver.
VMware offers a wide range of solutions, from server virtualization, data storage, virtual networks, cloud management, to automated deployment of applications across their entire lifecycle. All this while complying with strict safety standards and certificates.

Our database consultant has obtained the certificate "Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics"

12. 6. 2020
Matúš Niepel, our consultant, passed recently the test and obtain the certificate „Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics“. He proved by this certification many years of experience and acquired knowledge with Microsoft technologies in the areas of database development, administration and BI reporting.

MIBCON DIMA is involved in the expansion of the case tool PowerDesigner in MSD/Merck company

18. 5. 2020
Global biopharmaceutical company MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme), a subsidiary of Merck Corporation, uses case tool PowerDesigner to develop and document its Data Warehouse. We've been involved in the architecture design as well as deployment, where some key elements are hosted in the Amazon's cloud environment. The cloud infrastructure makes them available to all team members around the world, plus they're very easy to scale to meet actual needs. MSD will use PowerDesigner to optimize their Data Governance as the next of this project.

BNP Paribas enhanced SAP/Sybase IQ database for Czech reporting solution

18. 12. 2019
BNP Paribas Personal Finance has transformed its SAP/Sybase IQ database licenses. It moved from the Sybase to SAP licensing model while increasing the license scope from 4 to 6 processor cores. The new licensing model allows BNP to increase system availability by using a standby database at no additional costs. The solution also includes one PowerDesigner license used for data model design and documentation. BNP runs SAP IQ in the data center in Nuremberg as a reporting database where data for CZ reports are uploaded from the data warehouse. This database in SAP IQ grows in terms of the volume of stored data and attached reports while maintaining the speed of data reporting and thus demonstrates its technical quality. Technical support and consulting services are provided by certified consultants from MIBCON DIMA s.r.o.

MIBCON DIMA as a provider of SAP/Sybase PowerDesigner technical support and consulting for Ceska pojistovna

17. 9. 2019
For several years, Česká pojišťovna has been using SAP/Sybase PowerDesigner technology for data modeling, development of its data warehouse, and related documentation. By using PowerDesigner, it can implement its development rules throughout the whole process and thus make it more efficient. Our company Mibcon DIMA, which has been involved in modeling in PowerDesigner for a long time, succeeded in the tender for the provision of technical support services for SAP PowerDesigner. Our Enterprise Architecture department will thus provide technical support and product consultation for this technology in the upcoming year. We are looking forward to cooperation.

MIBCON DIMA expands its technological expertise with PostgreSQL

12. 7. 2019
Our company has expanded its expertise with the open-source relational database system PostgreSQL (abbreviated Postgres). We offer migration projects, training, customized workshops, technical support in the form of a help desk (phone, email) 8x5 or 24x7, consultations including performance tuning, development, upgrades, etc. One of the significant advantages is the dramatic OPEX reduction while operating this system; the license allows for free use and PostgreSQL modifications for both commercial and non-commercial use.

MIBCON DIMA becomes the Appeon Authorised Reseller for PowerBuilder for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

31. 5. 2019
Appeon, which took over the PowerBuilder source code from SAP a few years ago, released a new generation of Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 Today. Following the previous version PowerBuilder 2017, Appeon brings an entirely new and breakthrough functionality which - after several years of stagnation - takes this development tool back to the forefront of client/server and cloud application development.

MIBCON DIMA becames the Appeon Authorized Reseller for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We supply all PowerBuilder product editions to both countries. Thus, we open the local, Czech distribution Channel for PowerBuilder. We provide our customers with license subscription, technical support, training, and other services in the local language.

Raiffeisenbank CZ completed the project of Licenses' transformation of PowerDesigner

13. 5. 2019
Raiffeisenbank CZ completed the project of Licenses' transformation of the case tool PowerDesigner. The bank moved from Sybase’s license model to the new SAP’s license model. The transformation of the license model, delivered by MIBCON a.s., allowed not only to optimize the operational expenses to the bank but also to open the possibilities for the use of the PowerDesigner DataArchitect Edge Edition for other projects. Certified specialists from MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. provide technical support and consulting services.

Press News "New Company MIBCON DIMA is a part of the MIBCON Group"

6. 3. 2019
Today the new press news was published about us in several news media. The full text can be found for example here or on the web site of MIBCON a.s. here.

A workshop on heterogeneous replication using the SAP Sybase Replication Server

14. 12. 2018
This week, we conducted a workshop on heterogeneous replication using the SAP Sybase Replication Server. The primary focus was on replication from Oracle 12.1 to SAP Sybase ASE 15.7. During the seminar, we went not only through the installation of the components (ASE, Oracle, Replication Server, Oracle Replication Agent, JDBC drivers, operating system settings), but also through the configuration of all the systems with special focus on replication agent settings. Participants were able to try out various scenarios and solutions to common issues, including the procedure of tracking the progress of transactions across all components. Finally, we tried out an installation of a replication agent for Oracle on a new server and its startup.

MONETA Money Bank migrated to PowerDesigner on the SAP license model

15. 11. 2018
MONETA Money Bank began to optimize its licensing model for case tool PowerDesigner in 2018. The bank switched to the SAP licensing model to utilize the case tool for adapting the current organizational structure. MIBCON implemented the change of the licensing model, while MIBCON DIMA consultants provide the following technical support.

Expert Breakfast: SAP ASE Database, SAP IQ - Latest News

31. 10. 2018
Another one of the professional breakfasts was held today, this time on the topic of databases. In the beginning section of the meeting, significant updates of the current version of SAP ASE 16.0 were presented as well as the focus of other planned releases. The attention during this seminar was devoted mainly to the topic of security which was addressed in the latest versions at different levels. Following the break, our participants were introduced to news and changes in the SAP IQ 16.0 and 16.1 database servers, again focusing on security features and options. Practical demonstrations included a brief introduction of the SAP ASE Cockpit and SAP IQ Cockpit graphical interfaces.

We also presented the services provided by MIBCON DIMA consultants in ASE and IQ database administration. Click here for a further description of these services.

Participants, who were mostly representatives of major banks operating on the Czech market, engaged in a lively discussion throughout the meeting.

Expert Breakfast: PowerDesigner - News and Overview of Services and Extensions

3. 10. 2018
Our first professional breakfast was held today at the new location. We chose the topic of modeling in PowerDesigner. In the first part, we introduced our audience to the current design and functionality of the thin client PowerDesigner (PD), a portal component of the PD Web. PD Web has undergone many significant changes in the past two years. We showed the most important ones and presented the possibilities of its application. Following the coffee break, we talked about the PowerDesigner implementations and enhancements used by our customers not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We discussed the services we can provide due to the experience gained in the last ten years while working on numerous projects. Click here for a further description of these services.

Our professional breakfast was attended by many guests from major baking institutions, insurance companies and telco companies operating on the Czech market.