Product consultations

MIBCON DIMA provides one-time product consultations for SAP Sybase products. These services are related to technologies that we have been working with for a long time. They are all listed here.

Such product consultations are usually short-term services. Our consultants, professionally certified for the supported products directly by the software vendor, provide high expertise services and they have many years of experience due to working with many customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. They are thus able to solve complex and urgent issues regarding given technology effectively.

Frequently, we provide the following solutions for our customers:

1. SAP Sybase ASE Database Servers, SAP Sybase IQ

  • optimizing performance by tuning DB server parameters;
  • optimizing performance by debugging SQL code of procedures/applications;
  • optimal DB server settings for various usage (OLTP, OLAP);
  • proper setting of SW license;
  • assistance regarding upgrades to higher versions;
  • assistance regarding migration to another hardware or platform;
  • and many others ...

2. SAP Sybase Replication Server

  • optimizing performance by fine-tuning parameters;
  • help with replication architecture design;
  • proper setting of SW license;
  • assistance with setting up heterogeneous replications (e.g. Oracle --> Sybase, MS SQL --> Sybase, Oracle --> Oracle, Sybase --> SAP Hana, etc.);
  • help with setting up transformations using function strings;
  • and many more ...

3. SAP Sybase PowerDesigner

  • development of customized extensions;
  • customizing the PD environment as needed;
  • import from excel or CSV into PD models;
  • error correction in models;
  • re-generation of licenses;
  • scripting / automating of a specific recurring process;
  • installation/configuration of individual components;
  • workflow design for models, team collaboration;
  • automating of name conventions;
  • user use of PowerDesigner (data modeler with "benefits");
  • and many others ...
Here you can find detailed information on the specific issues we solve for our customers in PowerDesigner.