PowerDesigner consultations

As part of the PowerDesigner (PD) consulting services, we deal with the following tasks most frequently:

Extension development tailored to your specific needs;
Do you have an agenda directly related to your modeling but PowerDesigner does not support it? Do you miss a possibility to write down additional information about the models and do not want to put everything together into the table comment? Would you like PowerDesigner to generate other outputs than just DDL scripts? We will help you create an extension that suits your requirements.
Customization of PD environment according to your needs;
Would you like to allow Generation of SQL or reverse engineering only to specific users? Do you need to hide the unused menu or toolbar commands to simplify the modeling environment? Do your users accidentally use the "Save As New Model" function and inadvertently change all internal object identifiers? We can customize the look of PowerDesigner to virtually every user's needs.
Import from excel or CSV into PD models;
One-time or regular import of any metadata from common sources, such as CSV or XLSX files and more ...
Error correction in models;
Do you have a problem with a particular model? Does the repository check-in fail or does the model behaves „strangely“? We will help you to discover and correct any mistake.
Licenses generation;
You just installed a new version of PowerDesigner to use one of the newly added features, but it does not work? In some cases, it may be due to an outdated license. Does the SAP portal seem too complicated to spend two days looking for the right license-generation procedure? We can help you with this in the shortest possible time.
Scripting/automation of specific recurrent procedures;
Such procedure is appropriate when you need to update your models on a weekly basis and (for example):
  • retrieve current statistics from DB;
  • import object descriptions from Excel regularly;
  • run error checking across all models in one batch, and save the resulting log for review;
  • and much more ...
Installation/configuration of individual PD components;
We will help you choose the architecture of PD components that is adequate to your needs, and we will install and configure individual components. For larger teams, we can prepare for example a silent installation of PowerDesigner client.
Design of models workflow, team collaboration;
Thanks to the experience from many different projects, we can design the optimal flow of models between the different roles (analyst, designer, developer, architect, ...) and define their inputs and outputs. Everything with the sole aim of streamlining collaboration in a team.
Naming conventions automation;
Right after the reverse engineering from DB, would you like PowerDesigner to automatically rename the names of tables and columns from the incomprehensible TRF_ZN_BILL_EV_HIE to a significantly more readable "Traffic zone billing event hierarchy"? And how about the other direction? Even while writing a table name, the individual words in the name would be abbreviated using standard and approved abbreviations, and you would be sure that the objects you created will be named correctly and consistently, and that all restrictions for the object names given by the DB will be met. That is, up to 30 characters per object name in Oracle databases, for example. And what about auto-replacement of illegal characters, for instance, with an underscore? With PowerDesigner, it is a sure thing.
Using PowerDesigner as a user (data modeler with "benefits");
In addition to seeing PowerDesigner "under the hood", we can also use it as regular users. It is possible to use our services for modeling work on a standard data model. It is only necessary to be aware of the fact that we will probably come up with improvements soon:-).