Services and solutions

Our proposal

MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. consultants have years of experience in designing IT architecture, processes, and data models. With their experience, we carry out designs and implementation of a methodology that serves to change and further develop the client’s infrastructure. We develop these methodologies with regards to the specific needs of each customer, along with the best possible automation within the used tool case.

In the field of database services, we help our customers with the installation, upgrading, setup, optimization, and tuning not only of the database systems designed for transactional processing but also for the analytical systems and data warehouses. We provide such assistance via expert consultations, tailor-made workshops, standard training, or outsourcing of administrative activities.

Database Managed Services

How about managing your databases and replications remotely via outsourced services? With the team of our certified database consultants, it is indeed possible. Our Managed Services can fully ensure the administration or monitoring of Sybase databases and the Replication server. You do not need to train your staff for every new technology; we will provide the services through specialists with experience from various environments and configurations.

PowerDesigner Solutions

The key advantage of PowerDesigner is the ability of customization for any customer. The possibility to implement your specific modeling rules into PD allows users to focus on solving their own tasks and thus it significantly increases work efficiency. With over ten years of experience in many projects, we can optimally support and automate your processes.

Training and Workshops

We are a training center for SAP / Sybase technology. Naturally, our training includes training materials, a certified lecturer experienced with a given product or solution, and a properly prepared environment for a practical exploration of new knowledge. Workshops tailored to meet your needs will allow you to quickly and efficiently train your staff. Try our excellent tutors; no question is stupid.

Product Consulting for SAP Sybase Products

Do you need to optimize your database server settings? Do you not know how to set up automatic backups? Do you need to configure a license server properly? The support and solutions to these and many other issues will be provided via one-on-one consultation with our experienced product experts who address these issues with many other customers. You do not have to "reinvent the wheel" - just contact our qualified team.

Licenses and Technical Support

MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. offers licenses and maintenance of SAP software through our parent company MIBCON a.s. This company holds the "Gold Partner" status of SAP CZ and is also the only representative of the Czech Republic in the international partner network "United VARs". Our offer includes technical support services provided in Czech or English by MIBCON DIMA consultants. These consultants know their customers and thus can help them effectively.


We will provide you with complete delivery of a technological project at a fixed price. We offer a team of consultants with the necessary know-how and project management to design and deliver a comprehensive technology project. Our customers appreciate that keeping the deadline and quality is our top priority.