Licensing and technical support

MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. benefits from the partnership between SAP Czech Republic and MIBCON a.s. Through MIBCON a.s., we provide SAP licenses and related SAP software support to our customers. Technical support services provided by MIBCON DIMA consultants are also available. Our customers appreciate communication with a consultant who knows the customer well and is thus able to help and offer the most helpful and efficient solutions. In addition to that, the customer may order a specific number of consulting days in advance, which then can be utilized for little technical advice or as part of larger projects for the duration of technical support.

For companies that are now using the Sybase licensing model, we offer upgrade to the SAP licensing model. To our new customers, we offer licenses under the SAP licensing model. The main benefit is that SAP licensing model is significantly simpler, especially for database products. It allows more flexible license usage, as it is not necessary to license non-productive environments, and it also allows the use of options previously available for a fee only. This will enable you to increase the availability and security of your databases after upgrading. In most cases, we can optimize the parameters of the license transition to the new licensing model in a way that the customer saves on the annual technical support fee. By doing so, our customers can achieve significant savings on operation costs.

We provide technical support services for licenses. By providing services via our consultants directly, we can:

  • Save time and effort in determining a reported issue, whether it is a software defect or an error caused by an incorrect configuration or setting. Our consultants will provide such determination;
  • In the event of a software defect (bug), we prepare a reproduction of the problem that is needed to escalate the problem to the SW manufacturer SAP;
  • If necessary due to the nature of the issue, we can work on a case at the customer's workplace.

A customer who orders technical support may communicate with our consultants via phone or email both in Czech and English. In specific cases, we can solve a potential problem at the customer's workplace.

Technical support services include in particular:

  • repairs and removal of errors and error conditions in supported products;
  • the control and analysis of error statistics in supported products;
  • if an error in supported product is suspected, the optimal software configuration of supported products;
  • solutions to issues related to software and hardware compatibility in supported products;
  • solution and troubleshooting of any other errors, defects, problems, deficits or failures in supported products; service emergency etc.

Our consultants will help you to solve such defects by setting up a so-called workaround solution that does not require intervention within the software code. In case of software defect identification, we submit the documentation to the software manufacturer, SAP. In such a case, we ensure all communication with SAP to provide the customer with corrected code.

Of course, for the duration of technical support, our customers have access to all available versions of the supported product. These include both main versions, which usually consist of new functionalities, and corrective versions, so-called patches, which fix any product errors.

We assist our customers also with potential upgrades to these new versions. These are additional services ordered outside the technical support, or the customer may make use of prepaid service man days if they were ordered as part of the technical support package. More information about our consulting services may be found here.