Data Governance solution

Our solution enables the unification, management, and subsequent publication of terms used in your information system. With it, you will unite the meaning of these terms in your company and make them available to all users. With its help, you will significantly streamline the implementation of Data Governance processes into your company's practice.

By integrating the Data dictionary and the Business dictionary, every user gains access to key terms. All users are then able to communicate easily and effectively with others. Besides, IT professionals can easily identify the effects of changes in data structures or reports. Thanks to our system, it will be easier to introduce the necessary changes in your organization.

Our solution is very flexible. We use the CASE tool SAP PowerDesigner, supplemented by an internally developed web portal with an integrated approval workflow. When deployed, we build on a prepared basic set of features that can be extended and adapted to specific customer requirements.

Business dictionary

  • an overview of the terms and their meanings;
  • creation and approval of terms in a configurable workflow;
  • linking terms to a Data dictionary (typically tables, columns, and views in a data warehouse);
  • the history of each concept;
  • the methodology of work in the team;
  • searching, comparing, commenting, and tagging terms;
  • impact analysis.

Data dictionary / data models

  • data models are created in CASE tool PowerDesigner and stored in Repository;
  • used for the development and sometimes only for documentation of the data warehouse;
  • impact & lineage analysis.

Optional modules

  • Report catalog;
  • other modules based on the customer's specific demand.

The main advantages of our solution

  • possibility to build the entire solution over existing data models (lower acquisition costs);
  • wide range of tailor-made adaptations;
  • close linkage of all areas;
  • impact analysis across different areas;
  • provides answers to questions such as: "Which reports use the term Written premium?", "What would be the impact on our data warehouse in case of changing the data type for a column in one of the source systems?".