MS Power BI - training


Duration: 2 days

The training is intended for complete beginners who are not yet familiar with Power BI at all or only from a user point of view. However, the training is also suitable for intermediate users, who are offered the opportunity to look into the overall essence of Reporting and learn more not only about the product as such, but also practical recommendations based on years of practice.
At the beginning of the training, participants are introduced to the Power BI tool and its functionalities. During the first day, the basic functions and essence of reporting are familiarized. The second day is focused mainly on getting acquainted with the DAX and ways when and how to use it effectively.
The whole training is complemented by tasks that, based on the explanation, the participants try first themselves and then the task is solved together with the lecturer. At the end of the training, participants will also receive an example report and a presentation with samples and all the information that was presented during the training.


Day 1
1. Basic introduction to Power BI
2. Introducing additional tools that can be used with Power BI
3. Explanation of how data is obtained and its subsequent transformations
4. Create visuals, filters, drillthrough, and bookmarks
5. Multi-page reporting options, data hierarchy, and mobile view sample
6. Create custom topics, define conditional formatting, and chart options
7. Cloud environment sample, description of individual licenses

Day 2
8. Explanation of the basics and use of DAX language
9. Example of calculated columns, tables, and measures
10. Description and demonstration of basic DAX functions and their use
11. Use filtering functions and iterators
12. Example of conditional calculations in DAX
13. Sample and more detailed information "Best practices" recommended by practitioners