SAP PowerDesigner - workshop


Duration: 1 day

This workshop is intended for:
1. Active PowerDesigner users (of any model kind)
2. Modeling methodologists
3. PowerDesigner extensions developers

Due to the focus of the workshop, we recommend that the participants bring their own computer with PowerDesigner installed (PD trial is sufficient). They will be able to try several adjustments and many practical examples in their own environment in order to get the most out of the workshop. If needed, our training computers with a preinstalled environment can be provided as well.

This workshop aims to provide the participants with practical knowledge gained from a wide variety of projects and environments in a condensed form, as well as useful features which are not covered in regular training.

1. Little-known but useful standard functions that are not covered in our standard training
2. In-depth explanation of how some functions work in order to avoid potential model problems in the future
3. Where to find relevant and useful information about PowerDesigner and modeling
4. How to customize PowerDesigner, hidden settings, and more tips ...
5. Troubleshooting of frequent errors and problems
6. Tips for working in a team (repository, model sharing, parallelization)
7. Tips for working with Extensions and Scripting

1. PowerDesigner GUI - little known features
   Which problems can be caused by the "Save As" function
   Tips for speeding up the work with diagrams
   Name or Code?
   and others ...
2. PowerDesigner settings
   Hidden settings
   Display of hidden objects
   What PowerDesigner Logs (and where To)
   Shortcuts and how to use them well
   and others ...
3. Where to find relevant information about PowerDesigner
   Individual kinds of documentation and their purposes
   Recommended literature on modeling in PowerDesigner
   Useful websites about PowerDesigner
   and others ...
4. Other tips which did not fit elsewhere
   Useful shortcuts
   Inner model structure
   What is ObjectID and why should I be interested
   Import from Excel to PowerDesigner in just a few clicks
   and others ...
5. Troubleshooting of frequent errors/problems
   Where to look when something goes wrong with the model
   Repository does not work/works poorly following an upgrade
   PowerDesigner cannot be launched - common license server issues
   and others ...
6. Team collaboration
   How to share models
   Work parallelization
   How repository can be used even when models are stored elsewhere
   and others ...
7. Generation of objects and models, models' interconnection
   Generation links - what it is and why it can be useful
   Transformations in model generation
   and others ...
8. PowerDesigner Extensions
   What to watch out for when developing your own extensions
   Simple and helpful extensions
   Modification and creation of "Resource files"
   and others ...
9. Scripting tips in PowerDesigner
   How to simply clean the model and what it actually means
   Automated PowerDesigner launch for regular actions
   How to easily employ currently selected object in the diagram while scripting
   and others ...