SAP Sybase ASE - školení


Délka: 5 dní

1. Create a new ASE server and perform post-installation security tasks
2. Describe ASE connectivity and implement balanced network and port utilization with fail-over safety
3. Set up remote logins and execute Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) to other ASEs and Open Servers
4. Describe the mechanics of database and table allocation/deallocation
5. Use DBCC commands to detect and resolve table fragmentation, allocation, and linkage problems
6. Configure ASE to obtain maximum performance for index creation and for bulk copying data in
7. Perform effective backups, and troubleshoot dump, load, and recovery problems
8. Rebuild a damaged database with up-to-the-minute data
9. Rebuild the master device and database without a backup
10. Describe the working details of Component Integration Services
11. Describe advanced database monitoring tools and options
12. Configure ASE for optimum Data Security

1. Dynamic Reconfiguration
2. Using Advanced Installation Techniques
3. Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems
4. Extending Adaptive Server Using Component Integration Services
5. Accessing Remote Servers
6. Accessing Remote Objects
7. Managing Physical Devices
8. Analyzing Object Allocation
9. Managing Table Fragmentation
10. Using DBCC to Check Consistency
11. Improving Performance of Bulk Copy and Create Index
12. Troubleshooting Database Dumps and Loads
13. Recovering From Non-master Device Failures
14. Recovering From Master Device Failures