Replication Server - školení


Délka: 5 dní

1. Explain the components and architecture of an SAP Replication Server system
2. Replicate user transactions and/or stored procedure executions
3. Install, set up, and configure a Replication Server environment

1. Replication Server
   Identifying Replication Concepts
   Defining Replication Server Architecture
   Identifying Replication Architectures
2. Installation
   Installing Replication Server
   Creating a Replication Server
   Adding a Database to the Replication System
   Setting Up the Replication Server Environment
3. Routes
   Configuring Routes
4. Replication Server Administration
   Enabling the Gateway
   Configuring a Replication Server
   Managing the Stable Device
   Applying Replication Server Security
   Enabling Command Auditing
   Managing Truncation Points
   Using the Replication Server System Database (RSSD)
5. Regular Replication
   Creating Table Replication Definitions
   Modifying Replication Definitions
   Troubleshooting Replication Definitions
   Marking Tables for Replication
   Using Subscriptions
   Using Materialization
   Using Bulk Nonatomic Materialization
   Troubleshooting Subscriptions
   Creating Publications
6. Warm Standby
   Describing Warm Standby Replication
   Initializing Warm Standby
   Synchronizing Logins
   Using Switchover
   Administering Warm Standby
   Using Warm Standby and Regular Replication
7. Multisite Availability (MSA)
   Using MSA
8. Control Center for Replication
   Examining Control Center for Replication
   Setting Up the Control Center
   Configuring the Control Center
   Monitoring Latency
   Collecting Statistics
   Using Alerts
9. Stored Procedure Replication
   Defining Stored Procedure Replication
   Using Applied Functions
   Using Request Functions
   Troubleshooting Stored Procedure Replication
   Dropping Objects
10. Heterogeneous Replication
   Explaining Heterogeneous Replication
   Configuring a Heterogeneous Replication System
   Managing Heterogeneous Warm Standby Support
11. Replication Server Troubleshooting
   Identifying Troubleshooting Recommendations for Replication Server
   Monitoring Replication Server Issues
   Supporting Failed Transactions
   Resolving Replication Server Issues
   Customizing Error Actions