SAP Sybase ASE - školení


Délka: 5 dní

1. Describe the SAP IQ architecture
2. Install SAP IQ
3. Connect to SAP IQ
4. Plan for and create an SAP IQ database
5. Configure the server and database
6. Configure memory
7. Define SAP IQ datatypes and index types
8. Load data and manage data loading issues
9. Manage SAP IQ security
10. Create and manage multiplexes
11. Manage transactions and locking in SAP IQ
12. Monitor SAP IQ
13. Troubleshoot SAP IQ
14. Back up and restore SAP IQ databases

1. SAP IQ Overview and Architecture
   Describing SAP IQ
   Describing SAP IQ Architecture
2. Installation
   Installing SAP IQ
3. SAP IQ Tools
   Connecting to SAP IQ
4. SAP IQ Databases
   Planning for SAP IQ Databases
   Creating SAP IQ Databases
5. Server and Database Configuration
   Configuring the Server
6. Memory Configuration
   Configuring Memory
7. SAP IQ Data and Index Types
   Defining SAP IQ Datatypes and Index Types
8. Table and Index Creation
   Describing SQL in SAP IQ
   Creating Tables
   Creating Views
   Creating Indexes
9. Data Loading
   Loading Data
10. Additional Data Loading Topics
   Inserting data
   Resolving Data Loading Issues
11. Security Management
   Designing a Security Model
   Implementing a Security Model
   Migrating Authorization
12. Multiplex
   Creating a Multiplex
   Managing a Multiplex
   Managing Resources Through Logical Servers
13. Transaction Management and Locking
   Describing Transactions and Locking in SAP IQ
14. SAP IQ Monitoring
   Monitoring SAP IQ
15. SAP IQ Troubleshooting
   Troubleshooting SAP IQ
16. Backup and Restore
   Backing Up SAP IQ databases
   Restoring SAP IQ databases
17. Licensing and Premium Features
   Generating SAP IQ Licenses