SAP Sybase IQ - školení


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1. Implement an optimum server configuration through the use of disk management, memory allocation, and database options Understand the Information Lifecycle Management process
2. Understand the effects of creating system logins, nodes, dbspaces and objects in a Multiplex environment
3. Optimize data provisioning into IQ using bulk loading and row level versioning
4. Manage unstructured data in IQ
5. Implement full text search in IQ
6. Extract and load data into SAP IQ from a variety of external remote sources using Component Integration Services (Smart Data Access)
7. Implement advanced security controls, including encryption and Kerberos
8. Monitor IQ using sp_iqsysmon and other tools
9. Troubleshoot and repair an IQ database
10. Describe the best practices in administering SAP IQ

1. SAP IQ Overview
   SAP IQ Overview
2. Sizing and Configuration
   Database Sizing Configurations
   Memory Considerations
   CPU and Thread Considerations
   Network Considerations
   Database Options
3. Information Lifecycle Management
   IQ Dbspaces
   Managing Dbspaces
   Object Positioning
   Table Partitioning
   Information Lifecycle Management
4. Multiplex Management
   Multiplex Architecture
   Managing Multiplex Servers
   Running Multiplex Transactions
   Running DDL Commands
   Handling Dynamic Collisions
5. Data Provisioning
   Data Provisioning
   Bulk Loading Best Practices
   Data Copy Best Practices
   Row Level Versioning
6. Unstructured Data Analytics
   Unstructured Data Analytics
   Full Text Search
   Importing and Exporting LOB Data
   Managing LOB Data
7. Remote Data Access
   SAP IQ and Remote Data
   Setting Up Remote Access
   Query Processing
   Troubleshooting Remote Data Access
8. Advanced Security Topics
   SAP IQ Security Management
   Enhancing Data Security
   Data Encryption
   SAP IQ Advanced Security
9. Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostics
   SAP IQ Diagnostic Output
   Analyzing Hardware Resource Allocation
   Using the sp_iqsysmon Monitor
10. Advanced Troubleshooting
   Troubleshooting IQ
   Advanced Database Repair
   Advanced Database Recovery
11. Best Practices
   Data Modeling
   Tables, Datatypes and Indexes
   SQL Development
   System Configuration