PowerBuilder - školení


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1. Take advantage of more advanced PowerScript techniques such as:
   Working with Arrays
   Working with the Control Array
   String Functions
   Date Functions
   Numeric Functions
   Messaging between objects
   Advanced Inheritance Topics
   Variable Read/Write Access
   Create Using statements
   Recursive Function Calls
2. Use the new Exception Handling process as well as defining your own functions that throw exceptions (PowerBuilder 8 and greater)
3. Build the following DataWindow presentation styles:
   TreeView DataWindows (PowerBuilder 10.5 and greater)
4. See these advanced DataWindow features:
   Nested (Report) DataWindows
   Newspaper Columns
   Working with BLOBs in a DataWindow
5. Create and use DataStores in your applications, including:
   Sharing Data between DataStores and DataWindows
   Use of the DataWindow Synchronization API
6. Write more advanced DataWindow Data Expressions to access data from DataWindows or DataStores
7. Use more advanced DataWindow features such as:
   Print Preview
   Importing Data
   Query Mode
   Prompt for Criteria Mode
   Stored Procedure Updates
8. Describe and Modify the attributes of objects contained in a DataWindo dynamically
9. Work with DataWindowChild types
10. Conditional DropDown DataWindows
11. Write DataWindow Property Conditional Expressions
12. Build a DataWindow dynamically, from code only
13. Use the PowerBuilder Library API
14. Use TreeView Controls
15. Use ListView Controls
16. Use Tab Controls
17. Use OLE (ActiveX) Controls
18. Embed Drag and Drop functionality into an application
19. Build a Context Menu
20. Dynamically Build a GUI

1. Advanced PowerScript Techniques
2. Advanced DataWindow Presentation Styles
3. Advanced Data Techniques
4. Advanced GUI Controls
5. Advanced GUI Techniques