SAP PowerDesigner - školení


Délka: 2 dny

1. Customize SAP PowerDesigner
2. Explore the SAP PowerDesigner Meta-model
3. Create custom stereotypes to include business logic within a model
4. Control generation settings and behaviors using transformations
5. Implement naming standards and conversion tables
6. Create custom menu items
7. Create custom checks to implement business logic inside the model
8. Analyze how objects interact with Impact Analysis

1. Impact and Lineage Analysis
   Configuring Links between Models
   Generating an Impact Analysis Model
   Modifying an Impact Analysis Model
2. Generation Template Language
   Customizing the Components of Generation Template Language (GTL)
   Using GTL Variables
   Using Macros in GTL Code
3. Metamodel
   Examining the Metamodel
   Examining the Metamodel Structure
4. User Interface Customization
   Identifying Files for Model Customization
   Creating Extension Files
   Creating Custom Properties
   Classifying Objects and Customizing their Display
   Creating Multi-Valued Properties
   Defining Custom Import from XML
   Generating Multiple Objects Between Models
5. Code Generation and Customization of Features
   Configuring Language Files
   Customizing SQL Generation
   Scripting Customizations
   Customizing Model Features
   Customizing Model Generation