SAP PowerDesigner - školení


Délka: 4 dny

1. Define glossary terms
2. Distribute model templates using the Library
3. Create and manage conceptual and logical data models
4. Generate and manage physical data models
5. Generate database creation scripts
6. Produce implementation details, such as triggers, procedures, and views
7. Reverse engineer an existing database to create physical, logical and conceptual models
8. Utilizing Impact & Lineage analysis in complex modeling environment
9. Compare and merge models
10. Synchronize physical data models with databases
11. Manage large models and multiple designers using the PowerDesigner Repository
12. Create effective reports on PowerDesigner models

1. SAP PowerDesigner
   Identifying Key Components of the SAP PowerDesigner Environment
   Creating a Project in the Workspace
2. Conceptual Data Models (CDMs) and Logical Data Models (LDMs)
   Applying Model Properties and Options
   Creating Entities and Domains
   Creating Relationships in CDMs and LDMs
   Creating Inheritance Links in a Model
   Checking a CDM
3. Physical Data Models (PDMs)
   Generating a PDM from Another Model
   Implementing Data Integrity Checks in a PDM
   Creating Views, Stored Procedures, and Triggers
   Creating Indexes and Alternate Keys
   Checking a PDM
   Generating a Database from a PDM
   Reverse Engineering from a Database
4. Model Synchronization
   Comparing Models
   Merging Models
   Synchronizing Models
5. Model Organization
   Creating and Modifying a Package
   Creating a Diagram
   Creating a Package from a Diagram
   Creating a Dependency Matrix
6. Reporting
   Creating a Report Template
   Creating a Report
   Generating a Report
   Creating a Multi-Model Report
7. Impact Analysis
   Creating Requirements
   Creating a Link Between Models
   Generating an Impact Analysis Model (IAM)
8. The Repository
   Creating a Glossary
   Modifying Documents in the Repository
   Setting up a Repository Workflow
   Integrating Changes Across Repository Branches
   Managing a Repository