Replication Server - školení


Délka: 5 dní

1. Understand the principles of setting up the Replication Server system to avoid disasters.
2. Practice the steps to restore a primary or replicate database involved in a replication system.
3. Learn how to safely replay the transaction log.
4. Rebuild a stable queue and/or stable device that is no longer available.
5. Resynchronize data by running the rs_subcmp utility.
6. Understand the flow of replication through Replication Server's internals.
7. Benchmark a replication server system.
8. Tune the primary database, Replication Server, and the replicate connection for better replication performance.
9. Analyze performance using Replication Server's monitors and counters feature.
10. Implement conflict detection and resolution in multidirectional systems.

1. Reviewing Replication Server
2. Investigating Errors
3. Data Materialization and Reconciliation
4. Recovering the Primary Database
5. Rebuilding the Stable Device
6. Recovering the RSSD
7. Tuning Principles
8. Exploring Replication Server Internals
9. Benchmarking the Replication Server System
10. Using Monitors and Counters
11. Tuning the Primary Database
12. Tuning the Replication Server
13. Tuning the Replicate Connection
14. Advanced Techniques Using Function Strings
15. Conflict Detection and Resolution
16. Disaster Recovery Checklist